We have integrated our booking engine with a Google Analytics and thanks to this you can track the behaviours and origins of your engine's visitors and the conversion rate. Have a look at the details below.

Visitor's Analytics

In order to enable Google Analytics for the engine go to Property Settings / Booking Engine / Settings and paste Google Analytics Tracking ID in the window below. See here where to find your Google Analytics Tracking ID 

This is all you need to start tracking the demographics of your visitors in Google Analytics account.

Start tracking the conversion rate i.e. How many visitors turned into Bookers?

In order to start tracking the conversion you don't need to set up anything extra in FrontDesk Master but you need to set up a GOAL in Google Analytics. See how.

First, go to Goal section:

Second, click NEW GOAL and set the GOAL SETUP to RESERVATION:

Select Goal type -> Destination:


Enter into Goal Details the engine subdomain (not entire path): https://booking.frontdeskmaster.com/Booked 

It's done! From now on your Google Analytics account will show you also the conversion rate on your Dashboard.