The most important settings are:

1. Would you like to have your engine showing
-  ALL HOSTELSYSTEM ROOMS e.g. Room 1, 2, 3, or
- ROOM TYPES as booking portals e.g. DOUBLE ROOM, 6 BED DORM?
If you would like to have room types displayed, please crate room types in MANAGE / ROOM TYPES in HostelSystem. 

You can change ROOM TYPES in MANAGE / ROOM TYPES: 

Please note:

-  You can have more room types in the system, than you are going to display in the booking engine. 
- Also, you can assign one room to multiple room types, e.g. the private room with 3 beds you can assign to: Triple, Double and Single Room. All of them can be displayed on the booking engine to boost your sales.

2. We would like to ask you to provide us text for ADDITIONAL INFORMATION and BOOKING CONDITIONS (text can be provided in multiple languages).
You can see here how they are displayed in sample engines below.

3. Apart of these settings, we can edit:
a. Logo
b. Color


d. Confirmation letter (in multiple languages)

e. The way the engine opens and the way it shows the availability:
- Separately for each day - Example 1
- Not separately for each day - Example 2
f. The way photo icons are displayed : Example 1 or Example 2
g. The way the engine opens, with a little calendar in the beginning or without. 
- Without, Example 1
- With, Example 2

h. ROOM PHOTOS and DESCRIPTIONS (we can also disable them).

Please not that the engine on your website, should open directly over the website, not in a separate link as it opens in sample links.Remember that all the above-mentioned settings can be changed any time, so do not worry if you are not sure about them.

We can also meet online with a customer and simply play around with the engine live, while speaking.