1.Please remember that before the installation you should make sure that all the updates were installed on your Windows. 
2. Please restart the computer before the installation.

3. Here is the link to the installation file
Click Here (or Here)
You should download a proper file depending of the version of your Windows (64-bit or 32-bit)

4. Next you should proceed with the installation. 
Here are the examples of how your activation data will look like:

Your activation email: youraddress@hostel.com
Your activation password: Y0ur4ct1v4ti0nP4ssw0rd
Your password to your HostelSystem:
Your password for the users( unless you have changed it yoursef): hostelsystem

If you encounter any questions during the process of installation do not hesitate to contact us.

We can also assist you during the installation. To perform the installation for you, we have to connect to your computer through the TeamViewer program. You can dowload it over here: 

The connection will be possible when you will send us your TeamViewer ID number and leave both the computer and the TeamViewer program open.