Settings of the HstelSystem Booking Engine that can be edited:

- The name of youe hostel, its address, email address and phone
-Link to your hostel's facebook profile
-link to your hostel's skype

See it over here

-Language of the Booking Engine( there might be more than one languge to choose from). Languages available: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Polish. See it 

- The way in which HostelSystem Booking Engine shows rooms, you can have:

         -  ALL HOSTELSYSTEM ROOMS e.g. Room 1, 2, 3,  See it here or
         - ROOM TYPES as booking portals e.g. DOUBLE ROOM, 6 BED DORM See it here

- Room Photos
-Room Descriptions  See it here 
-The way photo icons are displayed : Example 1 or Example 2

-Text of the Additional Information (in multiple languages) See it here

-Text of Booking Conditions ( in multiple languages) See it here

- Confirmation letter (in multiple languages)

- The way the engine opens and the way it shows the availability:
         - Separately for each day - Example 1
        - Not separately for each day - Example 2

-The way the engine opens, with a little calendar in the beginning or without. 
       - Without, Example 1
       - With, Example 2