HostelSystem may sometimes pop up some alert messages, which inform you about failed synchronization with portals.

Alerts are important and they should not be ignored.

They always convey the information about what went wrong, e.g.

a. Invalid Price

It means that portal is not accepting the update because price is "0" and you must set up the price in the system.

b. Too low rate

This is just a warning message, which is sent back by, if their system finds your rates strangely low (or high).

c. Request body contains availability

This error means that your ROOM MAP in MANAGE / ONLINE PORTALS for one of the private rooms is not correct. Please have a look at the video here, and make sure that your room map is correct.

d. On the other hand there are some alerts which convey information about lack of Internet connection or lack of portal server responsiveness. These problems cannot be fixed by us,

and should be gone as soon the Internet is back or the portal server starts to respond properly. Examples are "500 Error Message" or "400 Error message"- See Example

e. Exceeded max allowed size

Expedia has limited data transfer, it happens after synchronization (for over 6 months), please split synchronization on 4 stages for 3 months.

Which means to perform 4 synchronization for instance :

19 october 2014 - 19 january 2015

19 january 2015 - 19 april 2015

19 april 2015 - 19 july 2015

19 july 2015 - 19 october 2015

General rule is that if alerts are not being generated any more, then the problem is gone and you do not have to worry about them, and you can delete them.

If the re-appear, please look for a solution, or contact us.