After entering the option Accounts you will see the window in which there is a separate bookmark for every account in your hostel ( for example Cash Box, Bank etc). After choosing the particular account you will see all the operations made for that account. At the bottom of the window there are two values: Balance and Current Reported Total.See it here. These are two completely different categories and they do not have to show the same values. 

Current Reported Total

It is a value that always shows you how much money is right now in the particular account. For example for the Cash Box account Current reported total should agree with the content of the cash box in your hostel. So if you start the day from the empty cash box and sell 3 bed for 10$ each you should have 30$ in both your Current Reported Total and your actual hostel cash box. 


It is not a strictly defined value. It is a result of the mathematical calculation. 

1. First you have to choose for which account you want to receive your balance: (Cash Box, Bank etc)

2. At the left side of the window there is a field with two bookmarks: Income and Expenses. 

- After clicking on the Expenses you will see the expenses of your hostel which you have created.(for example: Media, Internet, Inventory Purchase etc) (See here )

- After clicking on the Income you will see the list of all the sources that give income to your hostel( for example: Guest Payments, Cancellation charges etc). (See here)

4. You can choose which categories will be included in your mathematical calculation by checking the boxes. (See here)

5. Next you should choose for which categories you want to perform the operation, you can choose from Income Only, Expenses Only and Income & Expenses (See here)

- If you will choose Income Only all the categories from the bookmark Income that you have marked will be summed up and show you how much have you gained on that account

- If you will choose Expenses Only all the categories from the bookmark Expenses that you have marked will be summed up. You will receive a negative result for example -50$ which     means that you have spent 50$ from this account.

- If you will choose Income & Expenses, the sum of all the categories  that you have marked in Expenses will be subtracted from the sum of all the categories marked in the Income    bookmark.

6. You can also choose a period of time for which those operations will be performed by adjusting dates (See here).