The automatic flow of the information between HostelSystem and booking portals is the main point and the main advantage of synchronization with booking portals. Every time you make any changes in the HostelSystem (entering reservations, changing prices etc) the software is sending this information to all your booking portals with which you are synchronizing. 

After the moment of synchronization with booking portal it will not be possible to edit prices and availability in your backoffice. All the necessary changes will have to be done in HostelSystem.

Every time you will receive a reservation through the booking portal this information will be transferred automatically to your HostelSystem. Reservation will enter beds in HostelSystem directly or will be waiting for your previous approval (it depends how you will adjust the settings). After that HostelSystem will send the necessary information to all the other booking portals. The reserved beds will become blocked so there will be no possibility of overbookings.