HostelSystem may sometimes show you some alert messages, which inform you about failed synchronization with portals.

Alerts are important and they should not be ignored, as they convey information about the problem.

The window titled "Messaging!" always shows you four types of information :

1. The date, when the error occurred. If you see that the errors are old and there were no problems from that time it means that the problem have been resolved and you have nothing to worry about.

2. The name of the person who was logged in when the faulty synchronization took place.

3. Problem indication, which contains the portal for which the problem occured.

4. The actual error message, most often explaining the problem.

You can read here about the types of error messages you can receive - SEE HERE

You should follow the information displayed by the particular errors to solve the problems. 

If you do not understand the content of the error or you do not know what to do to solve the problem, please contact the HostelSystem support.

Please remember that the more details you provide us, the faster we can help you solve the problem.