Here you can see the list of video tutorials that all your receptionists should see before they will start working with HostelSystem.

1. The video Shift Switch & Time Clock shows how to begin and end the shift in HostelSystem and how to check how much time have you been working in a given period of time

2. Managing  the reservations is the second crucial thing. Here is the list of videos that show what operations you can perform on reservations:

Enter new reservation-

Move reservation and switch beds-

Search and select guests-

Extend reservation-
Split reservation-
Cancel Reservation-

Check-in, check -out and payments-

3. Your receptionists should also be prepared how to manage sales, deposits and payments: 

Take and return deposits-

Make a Sale and point of sale basic-

Add upcoming payments (bills or invoices)-

In case of any questions HostelSystem can always organize an online skype training with your manager so that we would be able to additionally instruct the rest of your staff.