There are 3 types of synchronization with Booking com

1.Only Bookings Synchronization- reservations are being downloaded from Booking.com to HostelSystem, but rates and availability is not updated at the portal.

2.Only Rates and Availability- rates and Availability are uploaded to Booking.com, but the reservations are not downloaded automatically to HostelSystem

3.Bookings, Rates and Availability- Reservations are being downloaded to HostelSystem, while rates and availability are updated at the portal. We Recommend to use this setting for Synchronization with Booking.com

2. Other portals
As a default your synchronization is set up in such a way to receive bookings and upload rates and availabilities.

If you will mark the option "Only for price updates" that means that you will be able only to change the prices on the portals. Reservations will not be downloaded and availability will not be uploaded.