If for some reason you want to sell your dorm rooms in more than one combination that it is possible after mapping the dorm rooms correctly, for example

If you have one 4 bed dorm and one 6 bed dorm and you want to advertise them also as a 10 bed dorm, this is not a problem because 4 beds and 6 beds will give you 10 beds in sum.

It would not be possible to sell 4 bed dorm together with the 6 bed dorm as 9 bed dorm or 12 beds dorm because the availability would not be in agreement.

Please follow the step bellow:

1. create appropriate room type in the backoffice of your portal, for example 10 bed mixed dorm

2. Enter Manage--> Online portals option and login to the XML settings of the proper plugin

3. Enter "Room Map" option and click the "Clear and Refresh" button.

    Please note that it not only upload the changes that were made in your backoffice but also it will reset the room mapping of all your rooms. You have to be ready to     perform the synchronization (by following one of those videos: Booking.comHostelworld/HostelbookersHostelclub) immediately. 

4. Map the 4 bed dorm and 6 bed dorm to your 10 bed dorm room type and perform the synchronization.

After that when the one place will be booked for example in the 4 bed dorm it will be blocked both  for the 4 bed dorm room type and for the 10 bed dorm.

There is a small chance that a person will book all the places in both your 4 bed dorm room type  and your 10 bed dorm room type, what will lead to an overbooking, so we generally advise to use such an option during the low season.