There are 3 ways to set up the notifications for bookings comming from the booking portals

1. Every single user of the system can turn on the Alerts about the booking that come from the booking websites. 
    Please log in to the computer on which the synchronization with Booking portal is enabled.
                   1. Enter Front Desk  bookmark
                   2. Enter Preferences
                   3. Chooe the "Alerts" bookmark
                   4 Please find the Online Reservation downloaded alert and mark it by clicking on it with your mouse
                   5. Mark the box next to the "Enable this alert" option 
                   6. Mark the boxes next to the booking portals for which you want to receive the notiofications about new bookings
                   7. Click "Save" 

Please also find the "New Reservation Entered: alert, mark it with your mouse and mark the "Rnable this alert" option

Pleae note that it i not enough to set this only once for everybody. Every user should enable it for himelf/herelf.

2. After receiving the bookings from and Expedia the emails are sent to the the email address set up in the Admin-- >Hostel Details

3. Please activate the auto-emails according to this INSTRUCTION.
    If you will insert the address of your hostel in to the CC Email fields to confirmation of the reservation sent to the guest will be also end to you and it will inform you about the booking that entered the system.