Please remember that bookings that appear in the Online Booking are waiting in a kind of a waiting room, they are not yet in the system. Only after they become assigned to beds the availability in HostelSystem changes and  is updated to all the other booking portal.
To avoid overbookings caued by assigning the booking too late the HostelSystem icon starts to blink orange everytime 
Please have a look at the instruction here to find out how to assigh bookings to beds.

1. Please go to Front Desk--> Online Booking  on the computer on which the synchronization with booking portals is enabled and you will see the list.

The bookins which are black are the ones that already entered the system and weere assigned. You should be interested only in those which are white, because these are the bookings that need to be assigned.

2.Please click on the booking with the left button of your mouse to mark in in blue. Next, please click on the "Asign" option

3.Please click ok in the next window that will appear and the booking will be assigned. It will alo disappear from the list.

Please have a look ant the video intruction over HERE