Expedia is the ONLY portal which allows selling the same room with a different price to a different number of people. 

It means that when HostelSystem uploads prices for DOUBLE ROOM, it will send 2 values to Expedia, not one as to all other portals.

It will be:

- the price of the room: when the room is occupied by 1 person

the price of the room: when the price is occupied by 2 people

Therefore, please make sure that the prices for PRIVATE ROOMS which are sending the prices to Expedia are set up correctly for each number of people:


Please make sure that you understand how the pricing works, as there are options to set up prices PER PERSON and PER ROOM. If your prices are not set up properly, you may sell your rooms below the wanted price.

Watch following video for details:

Setting up Pricing from HostelSystem on Vimeo.