The synchronization with Gomio works slightly different than with other portals.

While synchronizing prices to other portals, user does not have to worry about price being set up per room or per person in HostelSystem, because regardless the selection in HostelSystem the price will be sent to portals correctly e.g. to "per room", to Hostelworld "per person".

When synchronizing with Gomio, user must make sure that the value pulled from HostelSystem is 1 : 1 to value which should be displayed in Gomio availability calendar.

Therefore,  if user uses PRICE PER PERSON in HostelSystem, one must make sure that the value pulled for Gomio is a ROOM PRICE, not PER PERSON PRICE.

In the example above, where users uses pricing per person it is necessary to pull the price from the FIRST line, which represents the price for entire room.

In order to achieve it in MANAGE / ONLINE PORTALS / GOMIO / ROOM MAP in the private room line in the first column where user determine from which pricing line the price is taken should be entered "1":

Also, Gomio doesn't sell "places in private rooms" like Hostelworld or Hostelbookers, but it sells entire rooms like

That is why, in the second column in MANAGE / ONLINE PORTALS / GOMIO / ROOM MAP, must be entered number "1" in order to synchronize number of available rooms, not number of available places in the rooms.