In order to verify if your XML connection works, and the main computer updates the availability correctly, please follow the steps below.

1. Check if in FrontDesk you can see green icon for the portal in Plugin Monitor. If icon is red or grey, the portal is either not set up properly, either disabled.

2. Next,

a. go to date for which availability in Extranet or in backoffice is incorrect,

b. right-click  on the header of the room

c. select Synchronize Availability and the portal which connection you are verifying



If the portal you want to synchronize is not on the list or inactive, it means that the synchronization for the portal is inactive.

You can see in the parenthesis what availability will be sent to the portal.

3. You will see the synchronize window and next the status window. In the status window you MUST see a green or YELLOW icon.


If the icon in the Synchronization Status is RED, there was no synchronization.

If the icon is YELLOW, then double-click on the line with the yellow icon, and see what message it says so.

If the alert details mention Miniumum Contracted Rooms it means that there are NO synchronization for certain dates.

Read more here about the problem.

4. Next, verify if the availability for the room and date you synchronized changed in the backoffice or Extranet. Availability must change instantly.

(Unless you are using MyAllocator as a intermediary, then check only MyAllocator backoffice.)

5. If the availability didn't change immediately, then:

a. go to MANAGE / ONLINE PORTALS / Selected portal / ROOM MAP and clear Clear & Refresh,

b. Map all the rooms and rated according to your preferences.

Note! By not-mapping the room or rate, you do NOT make the room or rate automatically disabled in the portal, The room and rate maintains its last availability and prices.

6. After remapping the rooms, please go to SYNCHRONIZE tab, and send the availability update for one year. 

You must receive in SYNCHRONIZATION STATUS green icons, if you still get other colors, make sure you are aware of the problem.

7. Now, you availability in backoffice or Extranet should be correct. 

You can also simply BLOCK and UNBLOCK beds for the certain room and certain date, and observe if your availability is updating immediately in the backoffice or Extranet.

8. If above steps didn't solve the problem, then most probably computer from which you are trying to synchronize doesn't have the connection with Internet, or HostelSystem is blocked by a anti-virus or firewall.

9. If you still have the problem, then please contact us and provide with the following information:

a. Login details to backoffice to the portal

b. Exemplary date and room for which price or availability is different in HostelSystem than in portals

c. On which of the above steps (name the point on the list) you encountered the problem

d. Please provide us with TeamViewer ID (How to send TeamViewer ID?)

After receiving this information, we will be able to verify the problem.

Please note that if we don't receive any of the information above, we will not be able to provide you with a comprehensive and effective support.