In Rates, you can create a new rate which will be derived from another rate already existing in FrontDesk Master. It is a perfect solution, for example, if your Non Refundable rate is always x% lower than Standard Rate. When the rates are linked, you do not need to change the prices for all rates manually, you can just set the basic prices and the other rates will be calculated automatically in the system.

Open Rates and create a new rate (here more information about setting up rates). In Edit Rate window:

1. Select YES to question Is this a derived rate plan?

2. Select the parent rate, the one which the prices will be adjusted from.

3. Set the adjustment, for example, +15%, +15$, -10%, -5$

4. Decide if the new rate should have always the same restrictions as the parent rate


You will see the automatic prices set for linked rates in Prices. It is not possible to change them manually.