Airbnb connection - Important information

Please note that Airbnb only supports:

1. Availability updates

2. Booking Downloads

The calendar channels don't support rate updates. You should enter the prices directly in the Airbnb extranet.

The cancellations are not supported by Airbnb. If you receive a cancellation, you should cancel the booking manually in the system.

Airbnb sends to us bookings without price or guest details. 

1. Selling Dormitories (beds)

Airbnb as a calendar channel doesn't provide channel manager with the number of guests on the reservations. In this case, depending on the number of guests, the bookings for dorms will be imported as if it was for 1 bed.

2. Only one room can be sold per room type

Once a booking is made for a specific room type and date, that booking blocks this room type.

3. Deactivation of Instant Book option

Please note that Airbnb downloads the availability information from FrontDesk Master in hourly intervals. It means that the availability is not updated as in the case of other channels. FrontDesk Master doesn't send it, it's Airbnb who downloads it from us. If you disable the Instant Book option, you can confirm the bookings before you accept them. In another case, there is more risk and you are exposed to an overbooking situation.

In order to activate Airbnb connection go to Property Management / Channel Manager:

Step 1 - Activate the plugin

Choose Airbnb plugin and click Enable:

Make sure that the Enable Airbnb box is active and click Next:

Step 2 - Room Map

1) In the first line paste the Airbnb calendar for each room type.

You can obtain it this way in Airbnb:

2) In the second line you can find the channel manager link which should be imported to Airbnb (for each room type) this way: