1. Please go to Extranet / Property Info / Channel Manager. Follow the instructions there. Once asked to select channel manager you can find us by typing: HostelSystem, Hostel System or 247

2. If you have problems finding it, please contact your account manager at and request: 

"Please enable the xml connection for my hostel through the channel manager 247".

Once you start the procedure, will contact us directly in order to confirm the connection.


Send us your ID number, username and password to your backoffice.
Your ID is the number at the beginning of your every reservation,made through e.g. 4586 -xxxxx

We will contact the portals in order to set up XML connection for you.

HostelWorld and HostelBookers

1. In order to activate connection with these portals please send a request to your Hostelworld Account Manager. It is the same address, from which you are receiving emails with new reservations.

2. Once the XML connection is enabled you will receive the XML password from the manager. Next, please follow the instructions here: Setting up Hostelworld XML and Hostelbookers XML!

Note! If you would like us to assist you instantly after your XML connection is enabled we must receive your XML password. That is why, we strongly recommend requesting your Account Manager to send us the copy of the email with the password. For example:

"Please enable an XML connection with channel manager HostelSystem for Hostelworld (ID: xxxx) and Hostelbookers (ID: yyyy). Please copy the activation details to 

HostelSystem Support Team at so they could help us set up the connection without any delay. Thank you".



Login to

Once logged into EPC select your hotel 

1. Navigate to the the Rates and Inventory tab 

2. Select Expedia Quick Connect Settings 

3. Select the HostelSystem name from the dropdown, select the Connectivity Options (AR, BR) and click on Submit.

4. Display after connection

Please check your Expedia settings according to this INSTRUCTION before the synchronization i enabled. 

Please contact with Gomio Support to find out what's your Gomio ID, then forward it to us.

Please check how to setup your  Gomio with HS, according to this INSTRUCTION.

Check also:

What to set up in HostelSystem before enabling synchronization with portals?


1. After confirming your XML connection you will not be able to edit rates and availability in Hostelworld, Hostelsclub,, Expedia backoffice anymore (if you chose Two-Way XML connection) . 

2. Rates and availability will be editable and uploaded from HostelSystem. Even if not uploaded instantly by a user, the system will upload the rates automatically.

3. It is critical to make sure that HostelSystem contains correct prices and availability. 

4. If you are not sure if HostelSystem is set up properly, DO NOT REQUEST XML before verifying the settings and making sure that you know how to manage them.
5.Please note that the action of mapping and unmapping rooms by itself does not generate the rate or availability change in Extranet. After such action you must resynchronize the data using Synchronize tab in order to overwrite previous settings.