To adjust the settings of HostelSystem booking Engine you should:

1.Enter your profile in HostelSystem software, choose Manage-> Online Portals (See here)

2. Then choose Booking Engine from the menu on the left (See here)

3. Check the box to enable the plug in (See here) and enter the Room Map

4. You should not mark the boxes in the first column titled "Status". Marking the box will mean that you DO NOT want your room to be active (See here)

5. In the second column titled "Name" you will find your Rooms/ Room types visible in your booking engine (See here)

6. It is important to note that in third column titled " # Beds/1 Room" settings are a little different than in some booking portals. The number in theat column should correspond to the number of beds in one room of a given room type. For example for 6 Bed Dorm there should be 6, For 10 Bed Dorm there should be 10 and so on. (See here)

7. Fourth, fifth and sixth column should be set up precisely like in the settings of booking portal. You should choose the proper Rate, Currency and the Room from which booking engine will take its price.(See here)

8. The rest of the column is not included into the process of room mapping. These are the upcoming features that will be introduced in the future and for now should be left as they are (See here)