It is best to explain how the prices are uploaded to the booking portals using a particular example. 
Imagine the situation below, and let us know if any point is not clear.

1. On Hostelworld you have roomtypes, for example: TRIPLE ROOM.

2. In HostelSystem, you have rooms,  for example 4 rooms named: 513, 514, 515, 516.

3. On Hostelworld there is always only ONE price for a ROOM TYPE, but in HostelSystem you may have DIFFERENT pricing in 513,514,515 and 516,

(Of course, it wouldn't make much sense in our opinion, but it is theoretically possible.)

4. So what you have to do is to  "say" to HostelSystem which price, from which room/rate should be sent to Hostelworld. This is what we do in the Room Map, where you select the room, rate and line(line=number of people) from which prices should be sent to Hostelworld: 

5. So if you indicate the room 513, then the price of all the rooms mapped with the TRIPLE ROOM type will be taken from 513.  You may keep the different prices in the rooms 514,515, 516 in Hostelsystem but, they will be irrelevant for synchronization with Hostelworld.

6. What do we recommend:

a. We recommend adding  letters "PP" to the name of the room "513", which stand for "Portal Pricing". After that your room will be called "513 PP". In this way you will know that this is the one particular room, which sends prices to Hostelworld, not 514, 515 or 516.

b. What is more,  we also recommend keeping consistent pricing in the rooms of the same type. So we advise keeping the same price in Please note that you can set up the price only for 513, and then just COPY the price to other rooms, by clicking here: