Occupancy pricing means that you can send the prices for a private room type for different numbers of people. This kind of pricing is supported by Expedia, Agoda and Booking.com.

In FrontDesk Master you can set it up in two places: Price Manager or Availability & Rate Calendar


If you set up the occupancy pricing in the system, the prices will be always sent automatically to Expedia. 

Before activating the connection with Expedia, please make sure that your pricing model on the portal is set to per occupancy (How to set up Expedia correctly before the XML connection?).


Agoda supports prices:

  • for max occupancy (price per room)
  • for two persons
  • for one person

So, in case of a Quadruple room, the system will be able to update prices for 4 guests, 2 guests and 1 guest:


There are two ways of using occupancy pricing on Booking.com:

1) Booking.com can calculate prices for other occupancies basing on the rate for max occupancy which is sent from FrontDesk Master. In order to enable this option, contact your account manager directly.

2) Another possibility is to use occupancy rates in Booking.com which can be connected with rates from the system. This will let you manage occupancy prices on Booking.com from FrontDesk Master, an example:


To use such rates, create first separate rates in FrontDesk Master and in Booking.com, called, for example, Standard Rate 2 persons, Standard Rate 1 person. See here how to create new rates in the system: Setting up Rates. Then, please contact your account manager and request creating corresponding rates on Booking.com  and ask to connect them with occupancy for 2 persons and 1 person.

When it is ready, please make sure that the prices for all rates are correctly set up in FrontDesk Master and map new rates in Channel Manager.

In case of any doubts or questions, please contact support@frontdeskmaster.com, we will be happy to help!