When you change rooms or rates settings in portal back office it is necessary to refresh the connection in HostelSystem so that all prices and availability could synchronize correctly.


1. Click on the Clear & Refresh button - you will see the list of hostelworld rooms there.

2. Map room types from the portal with rooms in HostelSystem. Simply connect the room from the list above with the rooms that correspond to this type of room.

3. In # Price you decide what line the system should send the prices for the room, that is, the price for how many people should be sent.

For example:


4. # Beds / 1 Room 

  • Hostelworld- in case of private rooms put the number of people who can occupy the room, in case of dorms - 1
  • Booking.com and Expedia - in case of private rooms put 1, in case of dorms - nothing
  • HostelsClub - the correct setting will appear automatically

Then select the rate from which the prices, the currency and the default room will be sent.

5. When it is ready, click on the Save button.

Then, go to the Synchronize part and send the sync to this portal for one year.

In case of any doubts or questions, please contact support@hostelsystem.com