Invoice numbers can be set manually with each invoice or the system can generate automatic numbers for you.

Go to Property Settings / Financial Settings / Invoice Settings and decide which option you want to use:

  • Continue auto-generating invoice numbers - the number will appear automatically when you save the invoice

        In this option, you can set up different invoice numbers for different payment methods. If a transaction is assigned to Cash Box account, the system will use a selected invoice serie. The invoice number can be different for other accounts, for example, Credit Card.


The series option works only with Take Payment & Invoice window, which lets you take payment and generate a corresponding invoice at the same time. See more information here: Default Take Payment window

First, set up the series. You can add their names and then, set up the invoice number:

Save the changes.

Then, go to accounts settings, select one account and double click to open the settings. Decide which series should be used to transactions assigned tho that account and save the changes:

Next, when you take payment in Take Payment & Invoice window and select, for example, Cash Box account, the system will generate an invoice number according to the configuration you made:


  • I will add them manually each time - enter the number while creating a new invoice