At the moment FrontDesk Master allow online payments inside the system

In order to enable the online payments please go to Property Settings / Integrations and choose Stripe.


You need to enter your secret and public key. You can get them from the API section on your Stripe account.

Below the obligatory details, you will see additional options called Select Stripe/Webpay transaction account (1) and Create invoice automatically on ... (2 and 3).

1) The first option allows you to decide which account you want the system to register the online charges on.

2 and 3) The second option allows you to decide if you want the system to generate the invoice immediately when the payment is taken and what kind of invoice you want to generate.


There are two cases when you will be able to charge the guest Online in the system:

1. When the reservation has credit card details entered or downloaded from the channel

2. When the guest made a booking via Booking Engine and choose the 0% charge option, but his credit card details were requested and they are saved on Stripe.

In both cases, when you click on Take Payment windows, you will see a green Online Payment button.

Basic Take Payment window

Advanced Take Payment & Invoice window

In the case of unsuccessful payment, you will see in the reservation history tab the information about it and also the reason for the problem.


Once you took payment via Stripe, you can also make refunds. In Paymnts tab you will see an arrow on the right side of the Give refund button. The system will display a list of Stripe payments.

When you click on it, the system will show a pop-up with different refund options. You can refund a certain percentage or specific amount.

If you refund only some part of the payment, later you will be able to refund the rest as well.