1. Main Cards

Bookings and Guests
  • Check-ins - number of reservations/guests with check-in date today
  • Check-outs - number of reservations/guests with check-in date today
  • In-House - number of reservations/guests with stay date today (tonight)

  • Total occupancy  - Total bed-night occupancy (100% beds occupied for private rooms)
  • Dorms / Privates - Occupancy per bed-nights (100% beds occupied for private rooms)
  • Blocked Beds - Blocked beds in dorms and private rooms (in private rooms they are counted as 1 block per room)

  • Total Today - Total beds + total private rooms
  • Dorms / Privates - In the case of dorms - the total number of beds. In the case of privates - the total number of rooms.

2. Arrivals / Departures - Number of arrival and departures for the next days.

3. Live Feed - The last changes on reservations (new reservations, modifications, cancellations, deleted reservations, no shows).

4. Total Payments Outstanding - Bookings with the balance due different than 0.

5. Current Shift - Current shift switch account summary

6. Booking Pickup - Number of bookings received in the selected period with its revenue.

7. Account Cash Flow - Incoming and outgoing money for each account today or in other selected periods.

8. List of present bookings - Today's check-ins, check-outs, in-house and new bookings.

9. Occupancy and Revenue

Occupancy - Bed-night occupancy (100% occupied beds in the case of occupied private rooms).

Revenue - Accommodation revenue by stay date

10. Nationalities and Guest type

Revenue per nationality

Gender and age daily summary