Each payment request goes through a risk evaluation. Based on that, the transaction gets accepted or blocked by risk, or sent to case management for manual review. It lets you detect and mitigate fraud, and handle disputes and chargebacks.

The risk is managed by FrontDesk Master and the risk score of a transaction is not visible to you. In case you need to create a rule to increase risk for specific payments or block a shopper, please reach out to support@frontdeskmaster.com directly.

How risk score is calculated?

Adyen calculates risk scores for transactions using a combination of factors to assess the likelihood of fraud. The typical components considered in risk assessment include: 

- Transaction History: analyzes the historical behavior of the user or card associated with the transaction. Unusual patterns, such as a sudden increase in transaction volume or transactions from new locations, may contribute to a higher risk score.

- Location: The geographic location of the transaction is considered. Transactions from high-risk regions or locations inconsistent with the user's typical behavior might result in a higher risk score.

- Device Fingerprinting: Sudden changes in devices or unusual device characteristics may contribute to a higher risk score.

- Card Information: The details associated with the credit card used in the transaction are examined. This includes the card's issuing bank, whether it's a prepaid card, and its transaction history.

- User Behavior: Assess the behavior of the user during the transaction, such as the time taken to complete the transaction, the interaction with the website or app, and any unusual behavior.

- Merchant-specific Rules: We can set up the rules and preferences for risk management for your account. These rules might include transaction amount limits, specific countries or regions to block, or other custom criteria.

How to increase / adjust shopper risk score?

There are multiple ways of adjusting the risk management for your property. It is possible to:

- add shoppers to block and trust list

- add countries to block list

- create a custom rule to increase or decrease risk score for selected conditions

To see the details of the risk score or adjust them for your needs, please reach out to support@frontdeskmaster.com.