If you see any problem with the availability on your Booking Engine please make sure that:

1) All the room types you want to sell on the booking engine are activated in Property Settings / Booking Engine / Settings:

2) If the Cut Off policy is not active in the Booking Engine Settings or in Availability and Rate Calendar. If the restriction is set to 1, the rooms will not be available to book for the same day. Check more information here: Cut Off Policy


3) If you use the full PMS option, go to Availability and Rate Calendar and check if:

a) there are no manual availability numbers which make that the system cannot control the availability automatically. You can read more about manual availability HERE and how to restore the automatic one.

b) if the rate connected with the booking engine is not closed.

4) Make sure that in room configuration all beds in use are active in each room you want to sell:

If despite the correct configuration in the mentioned places you still see incorrect availability on your booking engine please let us know to support@frontdeskmaster.com