If you have any problem you can contact us in different ways:

A) support@frontdeskmaster.com

B) During the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) we are available for urgent cases only on urgent@frontdeskmaster.com

C) Skype: frontdeskmaster

D) WhatsApp: +1-514-612-0420

E) Phone: +44 20 8133 0267

F) Support button in the system.

When you use the SUPPORT button option please make sure that you are putting the property/your email in REQUESTER (1) field, NOT the support address. It is a common error.

(2) Subject - Make sure that the subject reflects correctly the essence of the problem.

Please note that a correctly put subject will hep to us evaluate quicker the priority of the problem.

Here you can see some examples of CORRECT subjects:

- Overbooking(s) from Booking.com

- BedView doesn't load

- Can't take payment from right click drop down menu

- Can't generate the invoice

- Can't open the reservation 32343546

- Reservation came with incorrect price

- Incorrect availability in 6 Bed Dorm on the Booking Engine / HostelWorld

- Can't load Occupancy Report

- Reservation entered for incorrect number of days despite the min. stay restriction

Here you can see some examples of INCORRECT subjects:

- URGENT!!!!!! URGENT!!!!! URGENT!!!!!

- (Property name)

- Help / Problem

- Hello

(3) Problem description - Put the description of the problem. This part is very important. Please make sure to provide us with all the necessary information.

If you manage more than one property please provide us the information which of them is the problematic one.

Here some sample questions which can help you:

- Which channel is the problematic one?

- Which dates/rooms/reservations are the problematic ones? Please put a specific example of the problem if it's possible.

- Which available option you use(d) to take payment/ take deposit/return deposit?

- Does it work well if you do the same using another available option?

- Does the problem appear for all the users or any specific user?

- Do you see any specific error? Please attach a print screen or make a short video. You can use this free software: https://www.techsmith.com/download/jing/ 

- Is this the first time you are facing this issue or it appeared before?

- Are there any specific actions you have to perform in order to reproduce the problem?

(4) Attached files - You can attach a file or make a print screen directly from the Support button.

(5) Priority - Choose the priority of the problem.

(6) Send feedback - Send the message.